Available options


Variable Default Type Description
pluginStyle lollipop string Add style class to element we initialize script.
paginationStyle 1 integer Change pagination style, value 1 or 2.
preloader false boolean Enable/Disable preloader to plugin body.
json "" string Load markers via JSON file.
markersIcon "../src/style/lollipop/images/marker.png" string Add path to marker image.


Variable Default Type Description
center [52.2296760, 21.0122290] array, integer Center map on longitude and latitude.
MapType google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP google map api Type of the map, MapTypeId.ROADMAP, MapTypeId.SATELLITE, MapTypeId.HYBRID, MapTypeId.TERRAIN.
disableDefaultUI false boolean Disable default google maps UI.
mapStyle [] array Add custom map style.
draggable true boolean Drag event to the map.
disableDoubleClickZoom false boolean Disable DB click zoom on the map.
maxZoom 15 integer Set max zoom to map.
minZoom 2 integer Set min zoom to map.
scrollwheel true boolean Zoom with mouse scrollwheel.
zoom 10 integer Set zoom to map.
allMarkersInViewport true boolean Set viewport to fit all markers.


Variable Default Type Description
latlng [52.2296760, 21.0122290] array, integer Add longitude and latitude where will be the marker on map.
title "CreateIT" string Data for infowindow.
street "ul. Narbutta 22/15" string As above.
zip "" string As above.
city "Warszawa" string As above.


Variable Default Type Description
enable false boolean Enable/disable marker clustering.
clusterClass cluster string Add class to cluster for better CSS style.
gridSize 50 integer The grid size of a cluster in pixels. The grid is a square.
maxZoom 14 integer Max zoom where cluster is active.
anchorIcon [0,0] array The anchor position of the cluster icon.
anchorText [0,0] array The position from the center of the cluster icon to where the text label is to be centered.
backgroundPosition "0 0" string The position of the cluster icon image within the image defined by url.
fontFamily 'Arial,sans-serif' string Cluster font.
fontStyle 'normal' string Style of the font(inherit, italic, normal, oblique).
textColor 'white' string Color of the text.
fontWeight 'bold' string Same as css value.
textSize 18 integer Size of the text.
heightSM 60 integer Small cluster height.
heightMD 60 integer Medium cluster height.
heightBIG 60 integer Big cluster height.
widthSM 54 integer Small cluster width.
widthMD 54 integer Medium cluster width.
widthBIG 54 integer Big cluster width.
iconSmall "../src/style/lollipop/images/clusterSmall.png" string Path to icon for small cluster size.
iconMedium "../src/style/lollipop/images/clusterMedium.png" string Path to icon for medium cluster size.
iconBig "../src/style/lollipop/images/clusterBig.png" string Path to icon for big cluster size.


Variable Default Type Description
visible false boolean Enable/disable infoBubble(infoWindow).
padding 0 integer Add padding to infoBubble main container.
borderRadius 4 integer Add border radius to infoBubble main container.
borderWidth 0 integer Add border width radius to infoBubble main container.
borderColor "#fff" string Add border color to infoBubble main container.
backgroundColor "#fff" string Add color to infoBubble main container.
shadowStyle 0 integer Pick shadow style, value 0, 1 or 2.
minHeight null integer Add min height to infoBubble main container.
maxHeight 100 integer Add max height to infoBubble main container.
minWidth 200 integer Add min width to infoBubble main container.
maxWidth null integer Add max height to infoBubble main container.
arrowStyle 0 integer Change arrow style, value 0, 1, 2.
arrowSize 10 integer Size of arrow.
arrowPosition 50 integer Position of arrow.
hideCloseButton false boolean Show/hide close button.
closeSrc "../src/style/closeButton.png" string Path to closeButton icon.
offsetTop 2 integer Top value of the close button.
offsetRight 2 integer Right value of the close button.
disableAutoPan false boolean Enable/Disable auto pan to element.
getDirectionsButton true boolean Enable/Disable directions to location.
getDirectionsButtonName "Get Directions" string Name of directions button.
directionsUseGeolocation true boolean Directions by geolocation, if false directions are calculated by adding some location in searchbox.


Variable Default Type Description
visible false boolean Enable/disable sidebar.
units "km" string Here you can change units for displayed distance. We support km and miles.
visible false boolean Enable/disable json multiple files.
pathToJSONDirectory "src/json/" string Path to JSON directory.
difFiles [["First Region", "markers"], ["Second Region", "diffmarkers"]] array, string [["selectText1", "selectValue1"], ["selectText2", "selectValue2"]]. It's for multiple json file. In "selectText" you input what you want to display in select option, "selectValue" is for name of the json file that will be loaded when user pick it.
fileTypes "json" string File types, json or php.
visible false boolean Enable/disable search box.
findPlaceBy "cities" string Search locations by cities or regions.
searchByCountry [false, "us"] array Filter by country. To enable you need to change value for true. Country use ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 country code. More information you can find here.
search false boolean Enable/disable search on displayed markers.
searchRadius 20 integer Radius of the search in km.
visibleInFirstPage false boolean Enable/disable marker buttons on first page..
pageSize 10 integer Results items per page.
currentPage 1 integer Active results page.
paginationItems 5 integer Pagination items per page.

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